Wooden Puppet Theatre Classic with lighting

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13 kg

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The entire concept of the theatre has been carefully developed and tested over several years to ensure a first-class overall impression. More

The Classic model is an amazing puppet theatre. The dimensions of the theatre are generous, the stage is 69 cm wide and 35 cm high. First-class materials are used (terciopelo - non-shrinking velvet, brass, cathedral glass, satin plexiglass and solid oak). The whole concept of the theatre was carefully developed and tested over several years.

Thirty original scenes are included (you can see them in gallery), allowing a wide thematic range for different puppet plays. The overall scene can be illuminated by three lights colour filters. Interesting colour illumination of the scenery can be achieved by using two different coloured filters placed side by side in front of the lower spotlight. This makes the play more dynamic and attractive and immersed the audience more in the action.

The backdrops, actor's cover, retractable velvet curtain, spotlights and overall construction and precision workmanship will create an unforgettable atmosphere at home.


»» The construction is made of solid oak.
»» First-class materials (terciopelo - non-shrinking velvet, brass, cathedral glass, satin plexiglass).
»» 3x halogen lights (2 on top and 1 at the bottom) with intensity control + 18 colour filters in 7 colours.
»» In the package you will find 30 scenes
»» Includes a set of 3 diffuse illuminated scenes to create a nice spatial effect (sea, mountains, desert).
»» Suitable for puppets 13 - 20 cm.
»» Dimension of the unfolded theatre 120x100x47 cm and dimension of the stage 69x35x35 cm.
»» Total weight: 13 kg (without puppets).

This product does not contain puppets.

Due to the operating voltage range, the theatre cannot be used outside EU countries.

  • Vše je vyrobeno i kompletováno v České republice.
  • Najdete u nás loutky pro různé způsoby užití - na hraní, jako dekorační prvek, vkusný nebo vtipný dárek.
  • Naše loutky, jsou v zahraničí velmi oceňovány pro svůj vzhled a kvalitní zpracování.
  • Jednotlivé části loutkek jsou ve většině případů ručně vyráběny.
  • Nejsme "pouze" prodejci. Máme k loutkám vztah a svojí práci máme rádi a tak o loutkách píšeme, fotíme i točíme.
  • Stále pracujeme na rozšiřování sortimentu a chceme poskytnout ucelenou a kvalitní nabídku.